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Moving is hard on everyone. Nobody knows if it is the workload or the emotions attached to the place you are leaving, moving can be extremely stressful. However, we want your moving experience to be a good one with all the moving tips and tricks that our professional organizer has assembled together in order to help the people out there who are doing it on their own. 

Anything can turn into a pleasant experience when it is well-organized. So, here are some tips that can help you organize and avoid all the tension that is involved with the entire moving process in an efficient manner. 

  • Starts Weeks Before The Moving Day

You should start early so that there is not a lot of load on you in the later days. Instead of starting to pack, divide the items into the ones you need and the ones you will no longer need. The items that will not be useful to you can be donated to needy people. This will also prevent you from being a hoarder and it will make packing easier for you. 

  • Start Stocking Up The Moving Supplies

You need a lot of packing items like cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, tape, etc. All of this needs to be stocked before you start the packing process. You can check on your relatives/friends for cardboard boxes, others can be purchased from the market. Stocking on all these supplies will prevent you from last-minute problems. 

  • Start Packing All The Essential Items

There must be a few things that you might need on the very first day in your new home. Start packing these essential items first. After packing these items, put them in your car so that they are always with you and the chances of losing them are completely out of the box. 

  • Pack Your Bedding

Pack your bedding so that you can unpack them on the first day of your move when you get tired. This will give you peace of mind that you can rest at the end of a tiring day on your bed with clean sheets. 

  • Pack Your Dishes Vertically For Safety Purposes

The most ideal way of packing dishes is placing them vertically in boxes that have partitions. You must use bubble wrap to further protect your dishes from breaking down. 

  • Use Wraps For Safety Assurance

Plastic and bubble Wraps are god sent when it comes to moving and packing. All you need to do is make sure that you are covering everything that can be spelled with a wrap. Additionally, furniture that has sharp edges should be covered in bubble wrap to prevent uncertainties during the moving process. 

  • Let Your Hanging Items Be Hanging

Unhanging the hanging item will only make it worse. So, instead of making a pile, use a box that has a hanging rod to keep these items as they are. If you can not get a hold of the box with the hanging rod then intersect the handles and put them in a garbage bag. 

  • Labeling Is Your True Saviour

Labeling the items is highly essential. Labeling will avoid any confusion when you start unpacking. You can also make a list of all the labeled boxes and mention where to put each and every box when you shift them to your new house. 

Do Not Have The Time To Do All That By Yourself? Book Professionals 

Proven Removalists provides the best removalists in town. We have a team of movers and packers that can be safe and fast at the same time. Additionally, our experts will label your items to make them easier for you while unpacking. To top it all, our team will help you unpack your furniture, all you have to do is guide them according to your needs and they will do as you desire. Book us today for an excellent moving experience.